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Friday Eats: Stew

Yum! My lunch was Awesome, thanks to Jonathans mom!, she made a huge batch of Vegetable-Beef Stew earlier this week and had a ton left-over.  Lucky for moi!! It was soo good probably the best batch of stew I’ve had in a VERY long time!! Perfectly seasoned with not too much meat!!! 🙂 Just the way I love it!  HA-if ya all can’t tell I LOVE soups/stews and oatmeal!! I could pretty much spend the rest of my life eating oatmeal and soup for every meal!! 🙂

*Insert Beef Stew Pic here*

I also had a serving of my favorite chip ever……Garden Salsa SunChips!! I’m not really a chip person but I love SunChips. 


To Drink I treated myself to a FUZE Slenderize Tangerine Grapefruit drink!!! 🙂 YUM!!! I’m really a water, coffee, tea kind of person but every once in awhile I will get the Fuze Slenderize~ they are pretty tasty!! 


For Snack today I packed an apple and a Cashew Cookie Lara Bar (the best kind….Although I’m dying to try the coconut kinds mmmmm they sound so good)


I hope you all are having a beautiful FRIDAY!! It is so amazingly beautiful out today!!  I wish I was outside instead of sittin in the cubicle all day   I have a feeling whom ever invented the cubicle is really not a kind person!!  HMF!



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This morning I was pleasantly suprised with this wonderful bowl of oatmeal!!  🙂 Yum!!! Jonathan made us a delicious bowl of oats for breakfast

*Oatmeal picture to come *

Now its hard to say how much (plain white) sugar was put into this bowl but it was much appreciated none-the-less!! And it was GOOD!!

Oatmeal topped with Granola, blueberries and smuckers natural PB.  YUM x 100000000000000

Woot Woot it is supposed to be 60* here today!!!  smiles gleefully

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I *heart* salad

Lunch was so simple and good today 🙂 It wasn’t what I was craving (warm soup obviously) but it was really good none-the-less especially accompanied with my lovely honeywell utility heater 🙂

I had the juiciest/sweetest orange, goldfish pretzel crackers, romaine lettuce, left-over salmon and a sprinkle of parm with basalmic vinegar!! So good!  I only ended up eating 3/4 for the salad and goldfish. 


Later on this afternoon I’m sure I’ll have my Kashi bar and the other 1/2 of my orange.  🙂


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I started my COLD morning with a nice toasty natural peanutbutter and jelly sandwhich with marshmellow bananas and a nice WARM cup of green tea! 🙂  Hopefully this will keep me going until lunch!


I used to think people were so strange for eating bananas and milk!  But I have really grown to love the combination!  The milk makes the bananas so soft like marshmellows.  It is pure bliss when they melt in your mouth leaving the sweetest taste.


Peanutbutter and Jelly sandwhiches are another FAVORITE of mine!  Growing up every single day of the school year thats the only kind of sandwhich I would pack for lunch.  I really got burn out on them and didn’t eat one for several years! Now after my discovery of natural nutbutter I’m back to eating at least 1-2 during the week!!  I love the full feeling they give you without making you feel like you’re so stuffed you’re going to pop!  PB&J are even better on toasted whole wheat bread!! I love how the PB&J get so warm and gooey between the two slices!! *heaven*


I hope you all have a wonderful FRIDAY 🙂 and stay WARM for those of you further North 😉

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